Medicinal plants and its body health benefits 2023

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Use of medicinal plants.

Welcome to PlantaSalud your portal with the necessary information so you can discover a varieties of medicinal plants, its direct properties and benefits for the health and well -being of the body.

The basis of all the information you can find on this site is in the principles of phytotherapy, that is, the science that is responsible for studying the use of medicinal plants or their derivatives that allow the therapeutic type applications to be made, these can be for the prevention, relief or healing of diseases.

What are medicinal plants?

Medicinal plants, herbal remedies are normally plants that are used as medications in the treatment of multiple diseases or health effects.

So we talk about plants that can be used either whole or some specific parts such as seeds, leaves, roots. Medicinal plants and their healing properties are due to certain chemicals present naturally, this is known as active ingredients, they can be used in people or animals.

The application of the medicinal properties of plants is something that goes back in time, to prehistory. Currently, medical science has managed to isolate and reproduce many or hundreds of the active ingredients for the elaboration of specific treatments to treat various diseases that attack the body.

What are medicinal plants for?

First, it must be said that the pharmacological action of medicinal plants can be beneficial or harmful to both people or animals.

According to their use, the properties of medicinal plants are used in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, so they can be used from the preventive part or to cure concrete diseases.

Why should we consume medicinal plants?

According to the Kew Gardens report, one of London’s most prestigious botanical institutions, there are more than 28,000 plants with different medicinal properties.

Many of the plants with medicinal properties are still in disuse due to lack of documentation.

The plants themselves represent a power supply for all living beings, then there are a large number of species with special properties, many of these their natural virtues, consists in providing the preventive aspect against countless pathologies to which being human can be exposed.

Natural medicine in history

In ancient times, medicinal plants can be found from the first indigenous communities, we refer to times in which plants represented a magical character gifted in a special way by the gods.

Traditionally many of the ways to apply traditional medicine with plants were accompanied by certain rites or invocations to divinity, therefore the use of medicine could only be applied by the tribe’s sorcerer, the authorized person.

Even many divinities that were considered special for the care of health, are accompanied by some plants with healing properties.

Medicinal plants to improve nutrition

recipes with natural medicine for the nutritional apparatus
The best recipes with natural medicine for the nutritional apparatus

What to eat for optimal functioning of our nutritional system, discover the best recipes of medicinal plants that can be of great help to strengthen the nutrition of our body as such.

While what our nutritional system understands referring to the organs of our body, they fulfill the biological factor of subsistence, but it is the responsibility of each of the people to give your body the best you can. If awareness about this is not taken, the repercussions are going to be seen, either sooner or sooner.

Healthy eating, the search for stable health are things that are not discussed, at present, the need and importance of creating adequate food habits and practices against the positive or negative effects of our diet is something that continues to be working on all levels of societies.

Medicinal plants for the digestive system

The best medicinal plants for your digestive system
Recipes with plants to improve our nutritional status

If you wonder, which are the best medicinal plants for your digestive system, here you will find a series of plants that will be of great help for digestion, absorption of nutrients and others Factors that lead to living healthy and happy, important things in life.

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Our digestive system is often exposed to discomforts of discomfort referring to our food or consumption habits. Normally these are conditions that do not cause gravity in people, but they intervene in the daily activities of daily life, work, home, social activities.

Some common problems can be vomiting, heavy digestion, gases, nausea, gastric acidity, diarrhea, abdomen pain … there may be a treatment for each discomfort, but always the best thing will be to prevent, medicinal plants have large properties of type of type of type preventive.

Medicinal plants for the respiratory system

Natural products for respiratory system health
Natural products for respiratory system health

The best plants with large medicinal properties for respiratory health, so we will leave you a list of plants and recipes that can be very helpful to well -being.

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The nasal roads, the bronchi and the lungs are usually the organs that usually suffer acute infections, asthma and some obstructive chronic pulmonary conditions. Normally changes in stations throughout the year usually aggravate symptoms, such as throat irritation, nasal secretions, cough and other respiratory conditions.

Some factors, the hereditary theme or family history, this may be a very important factor to take into account at the time of conditions or evils that affect our respiratory system. Many specialists affirm that in most diseases there is a hereditary component that allows conditions and their consequences to develop.

Bad habits, let me tell you and without offending that the best of remedies for this is the willpower, and awareness of your own health and possibly that of your loved ones with whom you normally live together, here for Example: I speak of tobacco and everything that entails.

Medicinal plants for the urinary system

Recipes with medical plants to urinary system
Urinary system and the best recipes with medicinal health plants

For the discomforts of the urinary system, we present a great group of plants, including easy preparation recipes so you can enjoy urinary well -being.

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Among all the discomforts or alterations that affect the urinary tract, those of infectious type have been identified, compared to men, women are usually the most affected since they have a shorter urethra.

The affectations to the urinary tract, are classified in which the low areas and high areas, the urethra, prostate and the bladder belong to the low areas and are usually the ones that suffer the most of effects. The kidneys and ureters are found in high areas and effects can be less frequent, this does not mean that they are less vulnerable areas.

With the use of medicinal plants that favor the proper functioning of the urinary system, two objectives are mainly sought, reduce the use of antibiotics and their effects, second, generate resistance capabilities in organisms to possible effects.

Medicinal plants for the nervous system

plants for the nervous system
Medicinal plants for the nervous system

Before a quite congested world of bad news, nature continues to provide plants with high medicinal properties, in this case we bring you an interesting list of medicinal plants that can be very benefiting for the system highly strung.

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And it is that we all lead a very busy life, every day our nervous system is exposed to stress and a number of circumstances that can directly touch our emotions, thus altering our nervous system.

Direct and very frequent effects such as anxiety, depression, stress and other effects can be whether not totally treated, but immense helps when it comes to our daily lives.

Natural plants for injuries and blows

recipes with plants that can be internally and external
Natural recipes to treat injuries and blows

Lesions and blows can be at the order and at the least expected moment, we are going to show you a repository of medicinal plants with analgesic and anti -inflammatory properties, recipes with plants that can be internally and external.

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The recipes with medicinal plants that you will find in these section carry that preventive type component, it is one of the properties of natural plants with medicinal properties, so above all, preventing sequelae due to blows or injuries is the best.

Against blows and injuries, it is best to maintain healthy muscles and joints, this is achieved with adequate food, physical exercise, with this you can take injuries in a better way or simply aging.

Error: puede que no exista la vista de c68d900lwt a 100% dedicated site to the search for good from plants as a gift of nature

An informative space based on the knowledge extracted from the experience of full -time people to the promotion of the benefits of natural medicine.

At some point we decided to develop this site as a project to share the knowledge that we have obtained over several years, so we are José and Javi.

Although in our site PlantaSalud we mention many medicinal numbers of the plants and their recipes, we want to clearly expose that all the plants we promote are commonly used, they are recipes that can be implemented in the home.