About Us

Welcome to PlantasSalud.com

Hello, we are José and Javi, we greet you and welcome you to this site where good habits are promoted for the good health of the body.

In my case, I am José and a little more than 3 years ago, my family and I decided that it was time to start a change in food, the search for a healthier diet, as they know, this is not easy, it is something Every day, because trying to eat healthy inside a culture of many fats, carbonated drinks, ultra -processed foods, it is already difficult to continue.

However, there was a factor from which I was sure … I wanted my family and I could enjoy a healthier diet! I remember the days of child when the food of the house was much more natural, food could be consumed with great confidence for their components, and eating always belongs to the great moments of yesterday and today …

In the current era with technology, smartphones and a device wherever you look … there is food. I wanted to give my family and many other people the opportunity to have access to the necessary knowledge to be able to use many preventive recipes, something that is better than the healing, you know it is better to prevent than heal.

Well, we have started the process of trying to feed in the healthiest way you can … I am many times ecstatic! For the work, the schedules, the proposed activities, but I can listen to my daughter playing and I know that I have to be with her, so the phrase can often be heard: «Hey, why aren’t you going to play with me, or you do you have tea? «

Along the way, I discovered that there are so many products, ideas of consumption, tools, projects that I wanted to share a little of my trip. My goal for the site is to share what I learn while I live life trying to have healthy eating (whenever possible) and discovering and sharing all the best you can.

Javier Muñoz, I consider myself a born search engine, with a tremendous capacity for self -recall, I have a couple of years of knowing him.

I am 100% dedicated to the promotion of natural products, complementary therapies, so that more! I have more than 15 years of working as a naturist doctor, I have many years of experience, in many experience I have managed to help without waiting for any remuneration or payment for my services and those have been the best experiences as a naturist doctor.

So I, when I am not working on this small «parallel project» of a website, you may find me publishing articles in some of my projects.