Medicinal plants for digestion

The best medicinal plants for your digestive system
Recipes with plants to improve our nutritional status

In this section we leave you a list of medicinal plants for digestive problems, to treat common problems of our digestive system.

Many of the discomforts and digestive -type ailments that are currently lived at all levels of society, are usually the result of stress, routines, jobs under pressure and other somewhat difficult to control situation because they do not depend on us in their whole.

The plants, their properties applied correctly, can bring you great benefits for the discomforts, in the plants that we present, we leave you a recipe that is generally homemade, you can implement it in your kitchen and thus obtain the benefits that It gives you the active ingredients of plants with medicinal properties.

Effects of plants consumption on digestive infusions

The consumption of digestive herbs in the form of infusions is usually one of the best alternatives to improve the processes of our digestive system.

When taking a plant with medicinal properties it is important to know at least one of its active ingredients and which should be its effects on our digestive system, or on the discomfort for which I am consuming that plant.

In general terms, the positive effects that a plant must generate in our digestive system can be the following:

  • Eliminate the feeling of heaviness that produces certain foods.
  • Help the decrease in stomach swelling.
  • Facilitate or regulate intestinal transit.
  • Produce a relaxing effect.
  • Help reduce fat levels in some organs such as liver.
  • Expulsion of accumulated fats.
  • Decrease blood cholesterol levels.

The aforementioned effects may be just some, because depending on the plant we are consuming and its active ingredients can produce different reactions in the body.

What is always recommended, and this level of recommendation we always say it, we must avoid dose or consumption abuse of all plants, balance will always be the best, and then if you have many doubts the best It is to resort to a specialist or your doctor.

Names of medicinal plants for digestion

We share the list of medicine plants for digestion, for each of the plants you will find a recipe, we also share a series of benefits and how the properties of plants act envelopes the organs of digestion and other benefits.

From this list of plants you will also find some of the precautions that should be taken into account when initiating its consumption, the most common caution that should be taken into account is not to abuse any plant with medicinal properties, The envelope use of some digestive plants can be in some cases quite harmful to health.