Benefits of carao to health, home recipe

Among the characteristics of the Carao and its benefits, the most popular can be its healing properties, especially as treatment for anemia.

But what is anemia and what are the possible treatments that can be used to overcome this nutritional deficiency.

Anemia is a condition that occurs when our body stops producing the sufficient amount of healthy red blood cells. Red blood cells are those that contain hemoglobin, and hemoglobin in turn is the iron -rich protein, iron is in charge of bringing oxygen to the lungs, the brain and other organs of the body.

In this article we show you a natural recipe that allows to treat the effects produced by anemia, it is the Carao and all its benefits, it is excellent natural product with very good properties for the strengthening of hemoglobin.

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Recipe: How to prepare the Carao to strengthen health.

How to prepare the carao to combat the nemia? The most common way for this recipe is called Horchata, this is a drink like a milkshake, it is usually a traditional drink in many countries. It is prepared as follows:

Recipe with Carao
Preparation time: 20 minutes

⮕ 1/2 liter of milk
⮕ 1/2 Fresh Carao sheath

⮕ Dissolve the half sheath pulp in half a liter of milk.
⮕ Let stand between 10 and 15 minutes.
⮕ Shake and strain before consuming.

⮕ For adults it is recommended to take between 1 and 4 cups a day.
⮕ For boys and girls, half a cup is recommended or half of the dose.

The Carao and its Benefits

To the leaves and the fruit of the Carao tree, its own medicinal properties are attributed to prevent anemia, this thanks to iron contribution, this allows to increase the production of red blood cells in the blood.

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As you have been able to observe, one of the elements of the recipe is milk, so you can ask yourself, what is it for? Carao with milk has a more pleasant flavor and smell. There are opinions that say it is better to take the expensive one without milk to take advantage of all its properties.

Others benefits of the carao to health.

  1. Prevents anemia. Its high iron content stimulates the production of red blood cells in the blood, this action prevents the appearance of anemia.
  2. Natural energizing. Its proportion of iron to the body works as a natural element that helps to recover energy. So it can be great for people who work in the field, they can be exposed to the sun and other activities such as running free field.
  3. It stimulates breast milk production. If you can help the production of breast milk in infant women, but it is not advisable to use during pregnancy, this because the Carao has an abortive effect.
  4. It favors liver health. One of the functions of our liver is to process all the blood that comes out of the stomach and intestines. It also manufactures some proteins, regulates and manufactures the glucose that the body is needing.

In this quite simple recipe of implementing, we show you how is the Carao for anemia prepare?

Characteristics of the Carao Tree

It is a tree from Central America and the Antilles, it is a large and copious tree, approximately 15 meters high, its leaves are normally composed of 8 to 20 pairs of flakes, its flowers are usually red or pink, This species can grow cultivated or wildly.

As a medicinal species, Carao has been normally used for the treatment of chest conditions, blood, and as a nutritious drink.

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Other uses that can be made or caro

Like all the different trees, the cacao tree also has other uses.

In some places, through a maceration process and mixed with a percentage of liquor, the pulp can be extracted from Carao, a good flavor drink.

Its wood is very well exploited in the manufacture of furniture, the most normal use of its wood is as cooking fuel.

Cararo contraindications

In all our recipes, one of our first contraindications that you will find, will be to abuse any natural product, so you know everything with measure is many better.

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The carao is abortive: from this tree you can consume the leaf, flower, fruit pulp to counteract the symptoms of hysteria and nerves, but in pregnant women can cause abortion, about this there is no literature with which you can Check the data.

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