Chamomile and cinnamon tea to control diabetes

How to prepare a chamomile and cinnamon tea to control diabetes? It is the recipe and recommendation that we bring you, and this is that this deficiency is something that currently affects approximately 422 million people and causes the death of 1.5 million people every year.

And being honest regarding these types of situations, it happens that people to some extent or greatly have lost self -love, the detail of taking care of yourself

From our space and other alternatives that we are currently developing, we propose to deliver valuable content to our followers, in this article we give you a very good recipe, we are not the only ones with this type of initiative, we hope that this spreads to other spaces and communities .

How to prepare a chamomile and cinnamon tea?

To prepare this homemade type remedy based on chamomile and cinnamon against diabetes, we will only wear grass flowers with a small amount of cinnamon. As a result we will obtain an infusion of very few calories that can consume at any time of the day, this kind of tea can consume every day, if you have any questions then it is prudent to consult the doctor.

Here the recipe so that you explain all its advantages.

Recipe with Chamomile and cinnamon

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Method: Prepare as type infusion.

Recipe category – Tea, hot drink.

☑ 1 cup of water (250 ml).
☑ 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (5 g).
☑ 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers (10 g).

Recipe instructions:
☑ Leave the cinnamon in water over low heat until it boils.
Once it boils, add the chamomile.
☑ Immediately remove from the stove or fire.
☑ Let it cool up to 10 minutes
☑ Filter and serve hot.

Recipe performance: yields 1 cup

Suitable for: People suffering from diabetes with or without treatment, when you have any treatment you must be careful with the amounts consumed, or in the best case, consult your doctor.

Why chamomile and cinnamon?

In general, it is believed that chamomile and cinnamon have several medicinal applications that have been used since ancient times. Both are anti -inflammatory and contain active ingredients that allow them to regulate and maintain the high level of blood sugar under control.

The chamomile has been a plant that has been a source of research for several decades. Its flowers help relieve digestive symptoms and psychological disorders, such as stress, anxiety and insomnia.

In one of the investigations, it has been established that its significant contribution to Quercetin has the ability to avoid unsuccessful sugar after food. This antioxidant decreases the absorption of glucose in the intestine, giving the body enough to metabolize correctly.

Some points to know about diabetes

If, when measuring blood sugar, they remain greater than 180 indicates that the body does not have enough insulin, a hormone responsible for keeping blood sugar.

If proper attention is not paid and the habits that cause these growths or «peaks» continue, there is a chronic disease known as diabetes that, in turn, has different health consequences.

The frequent sensation of fatigue, changes in urination and dehydration are some of the signs that allow a high sugar crisis between it. Although to obtain the appropriate diagnosis, it is better to go to the doctor and verify them.

Once the doctor receives the most appropriate treatment for us, what remains to be done is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In this lifestyle, there are those who believe they can use some natural remedies, such as chamomile and cinnamon drink.

Something about the cinnamon

Some side effects of cinnamon come from the greedy amount to speak in a way, that is, by abuse.

Known for its pleasant aroma, cinnamon has potential to provide different health benefits. It has been confirmed several times that its regular and moderate intake promotes glucose absorption, improving cell metabolism.

Apparently, after consuming cinnamon, their resources stimulate the essential enzymes responsible for improving the cell response before insulin. In addition, one of its bio activists would support the process by which the body transforms sugar into energy.

Contraindications about the chamomile

This product resulting from the mixture of chamomile and cinnamon should not be consumed by patients with liver problems.

It is recommended not to abuse their consumption if medications or supplements are taken for the same objective, that is, control the diabetes.

In all cases, it should be remembered that chamomile and cinnamon tea is a natural supplement that does not replace the treatment prescribed by the doctor. In other words, you can drink, but even in the context of a healthy lifestyle.

Because it contains cinnamon, a spice that has medicinal properties also has contraindications, in some cases, it is more practical to consult the expert before starting to consume it regularly. Above all, if there is a suspicion of a certain type of allergy or if a continuous pharmacological treatment is taken.

On the other hand, remember that the results of the intake of chamomile and cinnamon as a natural medication depend on the constancy and regularity with which it is consumed, as well as other habits adopted against diabetes, such as exercise regularly, improve food, Avoid the consumption of processed and ultra processed foods, tobacco, carbonated or processed drinks, etc.

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