Ginger water, how to prepare and its benefits.

Ginger water consumption can help improve our health, it is a plant that due to its medicinal natural properties is among one of the best known plants in the world.

Ginger, a food with excellent therapeutic properties that is usually quite common in many homes, its consumption can be in many ways, it can be consumed directly as a natural medicine in the treatment of certain health conditions, it is also properly consumed as a food.

This root today we talk in our article, it is a particular recipe and all the benefits it contributes to the well -being of our body, we also present some contraindications that do not know.

Complete recipe to prepare ginger water

Maintaining our hydrated body is of the utmost importance, but if that hydration can be done with elements that really provide nutrients and properties that improve our health, then it is worth betting on products such as the recipe that we describe below.

A homemade and natural recipe, remember that about the natural it will always be better what you can prepare for your own hands, because on the topic natural products can be written and say a lot, so on our recipes we always recommend can be prepared At home with products you can get.

Recipe with ginger

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Recipe category: homemade type infusion.

⮕ 2 ounces of fresh ginger root or 1 teaspoon of powdered ginger.
⮕ Sugar or honey.
⮕ 1 lemon
⮕ 1 liter of water

Recipe instructions:
⮕ Wash fresh ginger
⮕ Crumbler the ginger.
⮕ Boil the water
⮕ Add the ginger and lemon juice when water is boiling.
⮕ Remove from the stove.
⮕ Leave for 10 minutes
⮕ It can be taken as a drink to which you can add ice.

Recipe performance: 3 glasses (12 -ounce every one).

Suitable for: Being a drink as such, it can be consumed by the whole family, except girls and boys, on this we must also take into account medical or concrete conditions.

Many of us simply do not drink enough water every day, in the case of the ginger with water, it is recommended to have an empty hand, and at least 2 glasses or about 500 ml during the day.

What is ginger water for?

Lose weight: How to drink ginger water to lose weight? The recipe that we have shown can be an excellent method to lose weight, a study has shown that ginger has eliminated obesity in rats with fat -rich regimes. And another study revealed that the men who consumed a drink with hot ginger after eating could feel satisfied, and that ginger helps that in the body it is a balance of blood sugar, which can avoid excess feeding or desire to continue eating.

Specifically, we have said that, in the case of losing weight using ginger water, it is recommended to take at least 2 glasses of water with ginger over the day, this effect can be improved by adding other ingredients such as cucumber, mint, lemon, cinnamon.

It also provides a direct benefit and is that, activates the kidneys to urinate more frequently and clean the urinary tract.

Reduce pain with ginger: This root can act as an anti -inflammatory and analgesic, therefore, it relieves muscle pain and joints, being useful for people with arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis.

Taking ginger water at night helps satisfy the body, that is, this has an effect on stomach satisfaction. You can also keep the organism hydrated all night without causing a diuretic effect.

Ginger and lemon water

On the one hand, ginger, a great ally for its anti -inflammatory properties, but also due to the way it helps reduce swelling, stomach gas problems and even as a fat burner or in the relief of common colds. And, on the other hand, Limón, a good antioxidant thanks to its high vitamin C content, is a good anti -inflammatory and very powerful to protect our nervous and immune system.

Some contraindications of ginger

People who regularly consume high doses of ginger may experience some confirmed side effects, among which have been identified:

  • Gases
  • Belching and bloating
  • Heartburn
  • Náusea
  • Stomach Ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Symptoms of irritation in the mouth and throat
  • Cardiac arrhythmias.
  • The harmful effects of ginger can very slightly, depending on the product we use and the ingredients that we support it. For example:

Drinking ginger water or ginger tea can regularly cause acidity, stomach pain, gases and an ardor sensation in the stomach. Some people have indicated that they can also influence sleep quality if they are taken before bedtime.

There are many anecdotes and stories about the use of ginger water to which they can really be guaranteed as healthy or effective. However, some potential advantages of this plant are backed by limited investigations.

And as always, any questions when implementing a new recipe, it is better to consult with a medic.

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