Mango leaf tea for our immune system

A good recipe with mango leaf tea to strengthen our immune system, and that is that this botanical species is very well known for its exquisite fruit, the good thing is that this plant is not just a delicious fruit, it has properties that can be of great benefit for Our health, to strengthen in this case our immune system and avoid the ravages of diseases.

Our body so that it works in the best way in all its functions, needs vitamins, minerals and a series of elements that we must consume regularly, in this article and its recipe we show you as it is possible to strengthen our immune system with the benefits of the mango tree and its leaves.

Then consume fruits such as mango is to consume vitamins and minerals, among vitamins we can mention vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and among minerals iodine, calcium, magnesium, zinc. But from other parts of this tree we can also get benefits for our health, the recipe we recommend is one of the ways to obtain a little more of all these benefits for our health.

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➦ Recipe with mango leaf to strengthen the immune system

The origin of the mango are located in the areas of the southeast of Asian continent, possibly to the north India, close to what we know today as the Himalayas mountain range, Sri Lanka or Burma. The name of the mango also comes from regions of India, specifically is attributed to the voice «Mankay» of Tamil Nadu or «Mangga» of Kerala, the latter is the one that most resembles what we know today as mango.

Mango is a species that provides a variety of body health benefits, it is recommended Elements between minerals and vitamins.

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With respect to the recipe that we are recommended, mango leaves are normally used to treat blows and inflammations, but the mango leaf provides excellent properties that serve to strengthen the health of our body.

Recipe with Mango Leaves
Preparation of infusion with mango leaves

Time to prepare: 15 minutes.
Method: Prepare as type infusion.
Recipe category – Tea, hot drink.

Recipe instructions:
☑ Take 4 fresh mango leaves
☑ Wash the leaves
☑ Boil a liter of water
☑ Once the water is boiling
☑ Add mango leaves
☑ Leave for five (5) minutes

Application or consumption

☑ Serve the infusion in a cup or container of your preference.
☑ Leave until the temperature goes down.
☑ Infusion must be taken on the same day.
☑ It is not recommended to save the infusion for the next day.

Recipe performance: yields 1 cup

➦ Direct benefits of drinking mango leaf tea

I leave you some benefits of consuming the mango leaves.

  1. Eliminate toxins with mango leaves: The recipe with mango leaves that we leave you in this article can greatly contribute to the elimination of excess water, as well as reduces sodium levels, this directly contributes liver detoxification.
  2. Mango leaves to control diabetes: One of the properties of command sheets is that they contain tannins called anthocyanins, they favor the natural treatment of early diabetes. This is due to the taraxerol content that can stimulate glycogen synthesis.
  3. Mango leaves for hypertension: The mango leaf has hypotensive properties, this helps directly reducing blood pressure. Consuming mango leaf tea makes blood vessels strengthen, strengthening blood vessels, possible varicose problems are treated.
  4. Eliminate kidney stones with a recipe with mango leaf: the diuretic properties that the mango leaf has, can be an excellent remedy in the treatment of kidney stones and gallstones.

➦ Mango leaf components

Before we have said that the mango tree contributes or contains a series of vitamins and minerals, just like other natural species in one of its parts may have a greater concentration of some elements, in the case of the handle some elements in its leaves can be very significant for the strengthening of our immune system.

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  • Tannins and anthocyanins: elements that function as an excellent antioxidant.
  • Rutoside: this element is also known as rutine, It is a flavonoid associated with vitamin P, this tends to increase capillary, anti -inflammatory and anticancer resistance.
  • Mangiferin: According to an article of the Cuban magazine of medicinal plants, this element is attributed a series of pharmacological activities, such as: antioxidant, antivirals, anticancer, cardioprotector, anti -inflammatory, anti diabetic.
  • ELAGICAL ACID: tested as a pharmaceutical agent with antimicrobial properties, and its hemostatic properties for control in the case of hemorrhages.

➦ How is the mango tree and its leaves?

Mango leaf tea
Mango tree

The mango tree, according to its variety can reach several meters high, exist register about mango trees up to 30 meters high. Currently, more than 500 mango varieties are register, among the varieties are cultivated species and species that can be developed in a wild.

The leaves of the mango tree are simple, of a dark green color, alternate, mostly with the shape of a spearhead (obogue-lanceolate).

➦ Precautions to consume mango leaf tea

The consumption of mango leaf tea in the case of pregnancies is not recommended, especially towards the end of pregnancy.

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Taking into account that the effects can be different according to the health of the different organisms, the best precaution of products consumption is to always take them in the best way without abuse, inform your doctor at the time of consultation

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