Seed of pumpkin to deworm

Pumpkin seeds to deworm, pumpkin seeds can be used for different purposes, but today we present a recipe that you can prepare at home, with the recipe you will also find many properties and benefits provided by the ayote and its seeds.

We will try to answer some important questions around the pumpkin seeds, such as: How to prepare the natural deworming with the ayote seeds? How to take the deworming with pumpkin seeds? What are the benefits of the pumpkin seed?

We will show you that pumpkin seeds alone can be very effective, but can be mixed with other products to achieve a better performance of their properties or for the purpose that we are going to consume this recipe with ayote seeds.

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First, this recipe can be accompanied with a small portion of coconut, the coconut pulp contributes a lot for the end that is sought.

Recipe with pumpkin seeds.

Here we leave you the process of how should a natural deworming with pumpkin seeds be prepared?

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The process is homemade, following the steps is very simple and the benefits of this deworming can be very benefit to the health of our body.

In the recipe preparation process you can add a small portion of coconut pulp, coconut and its properties will work as one more stimulant to facilitate the expulsion of stomach parasites of our body.

Recipe with seeds of pumpkin

Preparation and application
Preparation of an infusion with pumpkin seeds, in total at least 50 seeds for treatment should be used, this is because between 8 and 10 seeds can be used every day.

Every day between 8 and 10 pumpkin seeds must be consumed.

☑ 8 or 10 pumpkin seeds without peel.
☑ 3 grams of grated coconut pulp (½ tablespoon).
☑ A cup of hot water.
☑ ½ tablespoon of sugar.

☑ Grind or blend from 8 to 10 seeds
☑ Put the powder in the cup of boiling water
☑ Leave it at rest for 5 minutes

☑ Consume for 3 or 5 days,
☑ If the inconvenience continue it is better to consult a specialist.
☑ In the case of adults, take a cup, in the morning and another passes in the afternoon
☑ For children, take half of the dose or half a cup.

Pumpkin seed is good to deworm

Pumpkin seeds contain a percentage of cucurbitacin or cucurbitin, this element is one of the active ingredients of ayote seeds, it is a type of alkaloid with purifying properties that works well inside the intestine.

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Cucurbitacin when it comes into contact with the parasites found in the intestine, produces a paralyzing effect, creating this effect is easier for the body to expel them.
When a pumpkin seed purgative is consumed, a laxative can also be used, this can be of natural type, when consuming the laxative, the expulsion of parasites can be achieved more successfully.

Other benefits of using pumpkin seed as deworming

Pumpkin seeds can be used as a treatment to control stomach parasites, but you have to know that when ayote seeds are consumed, other elements containing the ayote seeds are also consumed, of these other benefits you have to talk a little.

Among the important elements provided by the pumpkin seed are vitamins:-

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  • Pumpkin seed vitamins: B1, B2, A, C and E.
  • Pumpkin seeds: folic acid, linoleic acid, fatty acids such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Essential nutrients in pumpkin seeds: magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, phosphorus, zinc.

Contraindications of pumpkin seed consumption

Our first recommendation, not abusing the consumption of ayote seeds, consuming this product in large quantities can cause stomach problems since it contains a high percentage of fibers, this excess element can cause stomach pains and diarrhea.

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