Plants for injuries and blows, recipes to use

plants for injuries and blows
Natural recipes to treat injuries and blows

The treatment with plants for injuries and blows on the body are herbs and plants that have properties that allow them to be used to reduce inflammation, pain and swelling of blows and bruises, wound washing and other effects.

These herbs and plants that can be used to treat lesions and blows contain different active ingredients that help cure injuries naturally. These are anti -inflammatory, antioxidant compounds and healing compounds that help reduce swelling and pain and accelerate the healing of injuries.

Some of the most common medicinal plants to treat lesions and blows in the body include the calendula, alfalfa, chamomile, horse tail, hamamelis and arnica.

How medicinal plant should be used on blows and body injuries

On how plants with medicinal properties in treatment and blows should be used and applied, it must be taken into account that medicinal herbs can be used in several ways, such as infusions that can be consumed or applied externally, compresses , ointments and bathrooms.

  • Infusion: An infusion is prepared with a tablespoon of dry grass for each cup of boiling water. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes and then sneak. You can drink or use as a compress to apply directly on the lesion.
  • Cold Compress: Cold compresses can be prepared with a herbal tea bag or a fabric bag stuffed with grass and a little boiling water. It is allowed to cool and then placed directly on the injury.
  • Ointments: the ointments prepare mixing the dry grass with essential oils, vegetable oils and wax, to form a pasty mixture. It applies to the lesion several times a day.
  • Bathrooms: Herb baths are prepared by mixing dry grass with boiling water and then let stand. They can be used to treat bruises or sprains, immersing the affected area in the mixture. It is recommended to make this bath for 15-20 minutes.

Advantages of using natural plants to treat injuries and blows

Thanks to their properties and their active ingredients plants with medicinal properties become a safe and effective option to treat blows and injuries.

Its main advantage is that since the risks of causing consequences or affectations to another organs of the body are very low, herbs and medicinal plants applied in the best way provide compound and important healing properties.

For example, some plants such as the calendula, the chamomile, the bardana, the rosemary oil and the lavender, have healing properties, which helps reduce inflammation, pain and swelling when it is shocks and injuries.

Other plants provide important antioxidant properties that help repair and regeneration of damaged tissues.

In the case of wounds or other types of injury, some plants have antibacterial properties that help prevent infection.

Precautions when treating injuries and blows with medicinal plants

We can directly ask ourselves what can be the contraindications when medicinal plants are used to treat blows and injuries?

In a classification of contraindications or aspects to take into account when medicinal plants are used in the treatment of lesions and blows in the body can be the following:

  • Side effects and allergic reactions: Some medicinal plants may have side effects and allergic reactions.
  • Interaction with other medications: Medicinal plants can interact with other medications you are taking.
  • Plant toxicity degrees: Some plants can be toxic if they are ingested or applied incorrectly.
  • Pregnant or infant mothers: Many medicinal plants have contraindications for pregnant women or infant mothers.
  • Chronic diseases: If you have any chronic disease, communicate with your doctor to ensure that medicinal plants are safe for you.

List of medicinal plants to treat injuries and blows

In this section we leave you the list of medicinal plants that you can use to cure or treat the symptoms of the lesions and blows received at some point.

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