Plants for nutrition, lists and recipes with plants.

plants for nutricion - recipes with natural medicine for the nutritional apparatus
The best recipes with natural medicine for the nutritional apparatus

Plants for nutrition – Talking about nutritional and medicinal plants may seem crazy, first because all the edible plants consumed by the human being, provide important nutrients to the health of the body, even so, there are a large number of plants with medicinal properties that are also used with Nutritional purposes.

That is, the consumption of a medicinal plant with nutritional properties must contribute directly to the strengthening of our body’s defenses, this in the case of healthy people.

In the case of people with some nutritional deficiency, consuming nutritional medicinal plants, it must represent a treatment as such that allows you to overcome the identified disease or deficiency.

Consume medicinal plants for nutrition

ChamomileMango LeafSeed PumpkinCuculmeca
Ginger waterCarao

In the world about three billion people do not have access to good diet, also due to excess consumption of junk food, in the world more than 56% of deaths are caused by effects.

So if you ask yourself why consume medicinal plants for nutrition? It is simple, we are dying to have bad diet, consume plants to improve our nutrition is one of the best alternatives in the prevention of serious diseases, or in the worst case death.

To give you an idea of ​​the real benefits of starting to consume medicinal plants, we share some direct benefits for your health:

  • Increase resistance to viral diseases or others.
  • Improve your ability to control stress situations.
  • Increase the feeling of vitality for all your activities.
  • Increase physical capacity for routine works.
  • In some cases, sexual capacity increases, on this you have to look for concrete or scientific data that support it.

This list can be very wide when applied to situations or cases directly related to the intake of plants with medicinal properties for nutritional purposes.

Other recommendations for people who have the habit of consumption, or begin; These are precautions on many plants and their active ingredients, these are the chemical substances that promote therapeutic action, in many cases they have been able to identify secondary effects due to consumption abuse.

Before starting the consumption of a plant, you have that you know that each and every medicinal plants have properties of which you should inform yourself.

Medicinal plants to treat obesity

There is a certain number of medicinal plants to treat overweight and obesity, on this aspect special attention must be paid to plants that have properties that really allow to combat obesity and overweight.

Phytotherapy is presented as a complementary alternative or help in cases of overweight, the most common way of consuming plants to combat obesity, is to take dry plants in infusion, there are also other forms such as capsules, syrups and extracts, this Expand consumption options.

The effects of medicinal plants to lose weight must be presented as:

  • Loss of appetite, decrease in food consumption.
  • They must facilitate the elimination of solids.
  • Help the non -absorption of fats.
  • They do not allow the accumulation of fats in the body.
  • It favors the degradation of food and fat.

Origin of Medicinal Nutrition Plants

The origin of plants with medicinal properties for nutrition, is another somewhat difficult issue to define, and that is, traditional medicine and the use of plants with healing properties is something that goes back to prehistoric times.

So throughout the history of mankind, medicinal plants are present, documented can already be found from the old age, in the ancient Sumerian, in Egypt the Ebers papyri were found with an extensive list of about 800 plants With medicinal properties, in the fourth century before Christ one of Aristotle’s disciples presented one of the first systematizations on botany, known as plantarum history. Also in ancient China during the Tang dynasty there are records on medicinal plants.

In the Middle Ages its beginnings are recorded important knowledge about medicinal plants.

Administration of medicinal plants for nutrition.

All medicinal plants are prepared in different ways, in the same way the consumption of plants with medicinal properties used to strengthen nutrition have their forms of consumption, among these they can be mentioned:

  • Infusion, this is one the most common forms for many medicinal plants.
  • Coking: It is usually used to deal with the toughest parts of plants such as roots or stems.
  • Salads: It is a well -known form, when consumed in these ways, plants do not suffer any processing change.
  • Syrups: Here a process of extraction of active components is carried out, other elements such as consumer vehicles such as water, honey or other elements are used.
  • Juices: The change that plants suffer is the process of squeezing or liquefy the parts of the plants for consumption.

List of medicinal plants to improve nutrition

Yes, we believe it is convenient to share this list of medicinal plants for nutrition, in these you will find a description of the plant as such, a recipe that is essential for you to have that reference point of how to consume the medicinal plants that will allow you to have better nutrition from your body.

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