Cuculmeca treatment again anemia and others

Cuculmeca treatment to strengthen your health, is located among foods that provide significant amounts of iron to our body, therefore, they will always be very well valued products for its properties, this time we will talk about a plant that can contribute those quantities of iron that our body needs, so iron is an essential element for our blood system.

Our body needs iron to create hemoglobin, that is, the protein in charge of transporting oxygen to the different parts of the body, in effect it is iron. The recipe that we leave in this article deals just with a plant that brings iron.

Consuming Cuculmeca strengthens your health, this occurs through the direct contribution of essential elements to the blood system, it is excellent for treating some disease, special in those blood diseases such as anemia, a disease that occurs especially due to lack of iron in the blood.

Cuculmeca recipe to purify blood, treat anemia.

Cuculmeca is a native species of Mexico, Central America and Belize, its common name comes from the combination of words that refer to its analgesic properties.

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This is a plant that can provide a variety of health benefits, to obtain its benefits it is advisable to consume regularly, in some countries it can be more accessible compared to countries where more than 150 years of exploitation can be counted of medicinal plants.

Cuculmeca treatment again anemia, although also among its medicinal properties the properties of purifying blood are counted, contributing to digestive conditions, prevents hepatitis.

Recipe with cuculmeca
¿How to preparar the cuculmeca treatment?

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Category: Homemade Cooking

☑ 1/2 liter of water.
☑ 20 grams of chopped cuculmeca.
☑ Natural bee honey.

☑ Put to heat 1/2 liter of water.
☑ Cook 20 grams for 15 minutes.
☑ Preferably sweeten with honey.

☑ Adult dose: ½ cup
☑ Three times a day
☑ For at least 15 continuous days
☑ For girls/boys, half of the dose.

Why does Cuculmeca treatment again anemia? Benefits it contributes to health

This natural plant, scientifically known as Smilax Aspera, is highly recommended to treat anemia and purify blood, but let’s talk about its multiple benefits it brings to your health, especially because of the variety of minerals it provides, among them iron stands out.

Iron is an essential element for the development of the body, one of the important components in the transport of oxygen to the lungs the brain and other parts of the body.

When you start the consumption of the cuculmeca as it appears in the recipe, they begin the benefits of this noble plant, for example it can help you lose weight, you can use to treat some kidney diseases, it provides the effect of a vigorizing drink.

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In the case of suffering cough and fever, as a product of strong references, Cuculmeca tea can also be used to treat this annoying symptoms for well -being.

Direct benefits of the cuculmeca

And well, among the direct benefits that this plant contributes to health, we can mention the following.

  • Strengthens the blood system of our body.
  • It is regularly used to treat anemia.
  • Its consumption reduces blood cholesterol levels.
  • It has diuretic properties.
  • In some cases it applies directly to treat rheumatism.
  • It is consumed as a vigorizing drink.
  • It is used to treat some kidney diseases.

How is the Cuculmeca plant?

The cuculmeca plants

It is a plant that normally grows in a wild, a species that develops in humid tropical forests, usually reaches a height of one meter.

In the peasant communities of Centro and Sur América, it is usually well known and used by the various purposes that are especially awarded to the root, among them as a anemia treatment, in some places it is also used as a naturally invigorating natural drink.

It has been possible to identify two species identified by its color, the white and reddish, traditionally the species that has most used the reddish color.

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Cuculmeca is a plant with diuretic properties, in the same way there is its wealth in minerals, calcium, potassium.

Cuculmeca components

Before, it had been mentioned that Cuculmeca is rich in minerals, among these it can be mentioned: aluminum, calcium, zinc, sodium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, silicon, cobalt, magnesium and iron.

Some historical note of this noble plant is said that between the 1800s, the Cuculmeca was used in the treatment of syphilis, with the appearance of antibiotics was replaced by these.

Cuculmeca´s contraindications:

Always, our first recommendation is avoid abuse of consumption of any or our recipes, It does not matter that all is natural, but each plant contains important elements that in excess can affect our body and health.

  • Do not use in women who are giving breastfeeding, or that they are pregnant.
  • There have not yet evidenced collateral and/or adverse effects on people who have consumed the cuculmeca.

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